goat gathering

17th Annual Gathering of the Goats

Well another "Gathering of the Goats" has come and gone. WOW, this has been going on for 17 years. GTO enthusiasts from around the state of North Dakota and Minnesota gather at Fort Ransom State Park in Fort Ransom, ND for great food, great friends and Gears Tachs & Octane. Some years they have even come from Montana and South Dakota.

It was a lighter turn out than some years but everyone still had an awesome time. The weather cooperated very well. It was a bit windy initially but the evening was very calm and perfect for a roaring bonfire. Add in some cold beverages, munchies, entertaining stories and some adult humor, how could you not have fun.

A moment of silence was observed for the ending of the production of Tequiza beer this year and Pontiac vehicles next year. What's this world coming to?

Well, we pressed on anyway and made the best of it. Hope to see everyone again next year and many more. Many thanks to John from Fort Ransom for hosting this event every year. It has become a great tradition.

The Captain

Enjoy the event pictures here.