70 Judge burning rubber

Whether you're looking to buy an authentic GTO Judge or are just a Pontiac GTO enthusiast - You CAN....

"Discover Some Valuable Tips On How To Identify An Authentic GTO And Avoid Getting Scammed Out Of Thousands Of Dollars!"

If You're Looking At Buying A Judge:-

"The Tricks And Secrets In This Book Could Literally Be Worth Thousands & Thousands Of Dollars!"


Are you confused about how to tell if a Pontiac GTO is really a Judge or just a fake? Is it frustrating that there is nothing different about the VIN or the options to help identify "The Judge"?

Or worse yet - have you been scammed before - by buying a Judge clone?

Well nobody likes to be taken for a ride...unless of course it’s in your recently-purchased, authentic GTO Judge! Actually, you'd rather be driving!

Have you seen the prices of classic Pontiac GTOs lately? Just standard GTOs? Now, compare those prices with the going price tag for a Judge - WOW, it’s a HUGE difference!

In case you haven't been keeping an eye on the prices, I'll give you an example:
According to the NADA pricing guide, a standard 1969 Pontiac GTO has an average retail value of $39,260. The high retail value is a whopping $73,385!

But listen to this...that same '69 GTO with the same options that has The Judge package sells for -- are you ready for this -- $63,505 for average retail and $162,175 at high retail!

     That's a difference of $24,245 on average and $88,790 if the car is mint and sells at high retail!

Can you just about feel that nervous twinge in the pit of your stomach? Imagine for a moment all the thoughts and feelings you would have with a purchase gone wrong of that magnitude.

Well, friend, you're not alone. I think we all felt a little sick to our stomachs just now thinking about that.

     So the question remains...how can I tell if it’s a real Judge or a fake?



You Be The Judge ebook

Your complete guide to the '69 - '71 Pontiac GTO Judge

Now with prices l just mentioned, I'm sure you can imagine that a lot of people are buying these muscle cars as an investment. And you can probably also see why there are scammers out there who will take a standard GTO and clone a Judge... literally STEALING thousands and thousands of dollars from the unsuspecting buyer.

AND, if you're a GTO enthusiast, you understand how rare and valuable The Judge is. It’s a status symbol. I mean, who wouldn't want to own "The Grand Daddy of Muscle Cars". The one with the wild, eye-catching stripes, rear spoiler and heart pounding engine. THE GREAT ONE that gave the driver a pure adrenalin shot and was feared at the drag strip and on the street. The car that started the whole muscle car craze and earned a cult-like following.

       ...OK, I'll snap back to present moment now.

I personally know how you feel; that you just want to own an Authentic GTO Judge.

I had a lot of the same questions and feelings a few years ago when I had the opportunity to buy a '70 Polar White Judge hardtop. I knew enough to realize that it was pretty easy to fake a Judge and sell it for more. Luckily, the guy that sold it to me was honest.

He told me about some of the "little secret tricks" that were hidden in a true Judge. And I am very grateful for that. But as I mentioned, not everyone is going to be honest like that. I also saw someone put a guide on eBay® Motors that talked about how he got scammed by a Judge clone. That's what prompted the writing of this book.

But now you too can take the "mystery" out of Judge identification.

After reading "You Be The Judge - How To Identify An Authentic GTO Judge", you'll:

check mark  be able to spot a REAL JUDGE in less than a minute with 1 simple trick!

check mark  know the production numbers for each year.
check mark  quickly tell if it’s even a real GTO or a “doctored” up LeMans
check mark  easily determine if the interior color has been changed
check mark  identify if the Cordova top color has been changed or even removed
check mark  discover if the convertible top has been altered from original color
check mark  find out if your next dream car has the correct type transmission
check mark  know if The Judge you find has the correct color stripe combination
check mark  feel an adrenalin RUSH from all the awesome Judge pictures!
check mark  determine if the car is a Judge based on the engine/transmission combination
           (HINT: The Judge didn’t get produced with certain powerplant combos)

check mark  see what engine is in the car, the standard horsepower and how RARE it is!
check mark  Experience pure enjoyment learning about the creation of the Ultimate Muscle Car – the one that started it all!


Imagine for a moment you just found that Judge of your dreams and now armed with new knowledge from “You Be The Judge", you successfully identified it as an authenticate GTO JUDGE. Once the deal is done, you are now the proud owner of one of the most sought after, ultra-valuable pieces of American automotive history!

OR BETTER YET…Imagine that you found a “standard” GTO for a really reasonable price BUT discovered that is WAS really a Judge! You uncovered a hidden gem and realize that the car had been repainted over the years and the owner never bothered to put The Judge decal and stripes back onto the car. It’s a Judged without the distinctive robe.

Maybe you even own such a car already!

Would it help you to know lots of specific details and little “tricks” about The Judge? Would it possibly help you see the identifying features that would allow you to feel comfortable investing in your dream car?

Think about that once in a lifetime chance to go for the gusto and pick up a piece of muscle car history – The Judge? What would that feel like?

Heck forget the “once in a lifetime chance” thinking and collect the whole set!! Grrrrrr.

Even as a GTO enthusiast, who may not be planning to purchase a Judge right now…you NEVER know. Plans change. Sometimes things just fall into your lap. And when they do, you are ready to pick that Judge out of the crowd thanks your new GTO Judge guide - You Be The Judge. And you'll have fun reading it too.

So no matter what, you can enjoy reading about your favorite muscle car, learn a new fact or two and appreciate the numerous pictures packed inside the book. Impress your GTO friends with some new tidbit about The Judge.

No kidding, this personally happened to me. I happened to casually mention one of the tips about a GTO Judge at an annual GTO event, assuming that I was just making conversation...that everyone already knew this. WOW, I was wrong! I WAS SHOCKED that even my GTO buddies did NOT know about this Judge fact.
So go ahead…allow yourself to be seen as the GTO guru. A little ego boost never hurts, right?

You can get instant access to "You Be The Judge, How To Identify An Authentic GTO Judge" today. And to ensure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy this book and potentially avoid being scammed out of thousands of dollars, this ultimate Judge guide won't be the $47 $27 or higher that you may be expecting!


The price today is only $14.97

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