70 Judge

The Pontiac GTO was manufactured from 1964 through 1974. The GTO is credited for being the first car that started the muscle car craze of the mid-sixties and early seventies. The '64 GTO, which was an option package, was the first production mid-sized car to become available with a big block V8.

But by 1974, the sky-rocketing cost of insurance put an end to the GTO as it did to other muscle cars. The GTO or Gran Turismo Omologato name plate would remain dormant until 2004 when Pontiac re-introduced this mighty muscle machine to the public in the form of a Holden Monaro with GTO emblems.

Although Pontiac kept the car as a rear wheel drive vehicle and gave it plenty of power, that is where the similarity to the classic GTO stopped. Unfortunately, the executives at Pontiac and GM decided not to go with a retro-looking GTO and this new performance machine was short-lived. GM discontinued the GTO after the 2006 model year.

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