70 Judge burning rubber

About Us


Our purpose for this site is to provide as much information and resources as possible about the ultimate muscle car - The Pontiac GTO.  We (my family and I) also want to give you the opportunity to have as much FUN as possible. Isn't that what the GTO’s mission in life is, anyway?

There is nothing like the heart pumping adrenaline you get when you fully experience the GTO.  And we mean that in every aspect, from the visual satisfaction to the ultimate GTO experience… driving one and pushing it to the limit.  WOW!  It makes your heart want to jump right out of your chest! 

No kidding, there is nothing else quite like the feeling you get when you settle in behind the wheel of a GOAT, turn the key and listen to the deep, throaty grunt of the engine and exhaust in perfect harmony.  OK, so now that you've got that massive engine humming… you GENTLY push the accelerator a few times... wait a minute, what do you mean, gently?  

Well, that's because before you actually drop your Goat into gear, you can’t help but leave it in Park and “goose the juice”.  You enjoy the sound of the rumbling of the engine and exhaust in harmony so much that you get lost in the moment for a little while.  But, suddenly, you snap back to reality and realize that this is just the tip of the iceberg!  You haven’t even driven this mighty beast...YET!

So, you reach for the gear shifter and feel your heart rate instantly increase.  As the adrenaline builds, you almost reluctantly slip your GTO into gear.  What you experience next is literally indescribable.  This time you don’t gently push the gas pedal – YOU STOMP ON IT!  What happens next is like blasting off in a rocket!  But, it’s even better than that because a rocket can’t smoke the tires.  And it can’t produce that perfect squeal when rubber forcefully meets the pavement.  Ah, what beautiful music.

This is really the moment that your heart wants to physically leave your body or burst from the shear excitement of this awesome event.  At the same time, your foot turns into a block of lead because your brain is telling it to “keep STOMPING on that gas pedal!”  Your brain, and actually your entire body, is loving this new experience.  But then your mind pauses for a split second and you realize – this isn’t a NEW experience.  You have done this before – MANY times.  But the funny thing is, each and every time you engage with your GTO, it feels like the very first time.  It's a feeling that's hard to explain.  All you know is... you can never seem to get enough. 

Then your mind slips back into the reality of the situation.  You watch your tachometer quickly climb toward that red line... and you are still in first gear.  Now it’s a game.  How close can you push that tach needle to the red line before you grab your next gear? Just at the last second, you shift so effortlessly into the next gear that it seems as if you were born to drive this muscle machine.

You continue to run through the gears and push your GTO to its limits once again.  But it responds to your test, every time, and passes with “flying” colors.  When your phenomenal journey comes to an end you realize, as your body is tingling, THIS is what the Pontiac GTO is all about.  You are truly grateful for this euphoric opportunity to set your spirit free and excitedly look forward to the next time.

With each and every visit to this site, we want you to FEEL the tremendous excitement and complete passion that we feel for the Pontiac GTO.  If you are an enthusiast or owner of a GTO, you know what we are talking about.  It is our vision to provide you absolutely everything imaginable related to "The GOAT".  We fully intend to be the most complete, one stop website for the Pontiac GTO enthusiast and to supply the best customer experience with each return visit.

From my family, to you, my GTO family, thank you for being an important part of our vision to keep the legend of the GTO alive and full of excitement.  Remember, the GTO is "a device for shrinking time and distance".  ENJOY.